The wedding theme: the pastoral theme remains dominant even if colours and sequins make slight progress.

The eternal white dress: perfect, voluminous, with beautiful textures. It will of course always be given a standing ovation. For the 2018 season, embroidery and golden thread appear on the couturier dresses which are enchanting whilst recalling the romantic theme with lace and fluidity that still works for many designers. Even if the pastoral and rustic theme is attracting future brides and grooms. (interview)However, even if the advance is slow, today’s future brides are more daring, whether it be with the event itself or the dress. (interview)Why not break away from white, go for colours and even sequins to make this moment all the more magical. Interviews from Eleonore Bridge and Jeanne Boulart:Jeanne Boulart : What’s a little bit frustrating is that everything happens more slowly than in the fashion world. Already to have gone from the colour white with roses and white weddings to a more pastoral theme, that’s already an enormous evolution and that’s true but it’s also true that there’s still this gap between future brides and designers. Finally we’ve already been six years into this pastoral trend and it’s true that after a while, we did a little tour, it’s all about different temporality. Eleonore Bridge : Yes, they’re a lot more daring, in fact I think that we live in a time where marriage doesn’t necessarily mean for the rest of our lives but rather let’s celebrate that right now everything is fine and we love each other, we’re going to have this big event.Jeanne Boulart : It’s true that the idea of a celebration, of a party is really important and I think that we all need a bit of that in our everyday lives, at one point, let go and say ‘let’s celebrate over the entire weekend not just on a single night’ It’s true that means that they’re more daring and do a lot of things, sometimes they want to push things a little father.Eleonore Bridge : What’s new is that, the brides have coloured shoes. This year I saw several powder pink dresses, I saw a bride who’d tie-died the bottom of her dress. So we have lots and lots of small wedding dress brands which create custom-made wedding dresses and they’ve launched in the last few years, there’s a lot more than there were five years ago. Andy: wedding festival in Paris - ; Music royalty free: Bandit & Nikit 2017

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