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24th edition of the Sapins de Noël des Créateurs at the Hotel Plaza Athénée

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Marie-christiane marek, president of the sapins de noël des créateurs non-profit organisation, invited 27 big names in fashion, design and architecture to produce original artworks exhibited at the hotel plaza athénée, which will be auctioned off for childhood cancer research.since 1995, fashion designers, illustrators and architects have been creating and developing unique and new designs. over 23 years, more than 800 christmas trees have been displayed and more than 1 million euros has been donated to the children’s charity. interviews with:marie-christiane marek:the 24th edition is based on the theme “ice-crystal-polar”, a little because we are all moved by all who say they are on the ice floe, so i wanted the designers to look at it with their usual talent.philippe ferrandis:we wanted to create a tree in an intelligent way that is not just for christmas, so in fact we remove the 4 stems that are here as well as the hat and it’s a table centrepiece and a chandelier that we can actually use all year round even when the tree is in hibernation, in summer for example. marc-antoine coulon:there are lots of fashion houses that take part in the sapins de noel des créateurs. i found it interesting to do as a kind of storyboard, a series of three images, which shows a model parading that winks at us and then she turns around and leaves because she is indeed an ice queen and therefore she must not be warm… but she winks at us anyway. marie-christiane marek:christmas always has an echo, it’s amazing. there is lots of emotion in the word christmas and it’s true that as soon as we talk about a christmas tree, about christmas, it excites the imagination of designers.