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Interview: Jean-Charles de Castelbajac and Benetton, back under the sunlight…

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After some difficult years, united colours of benetton bounces back with the arrival of jean-charles de castelbajac as the artistic director of the label. a choice wanted by its founder luciano benetton who is back in control of the house. an organisation that focuses on a pop and joyful style and products ready to attract a new generation of consumers… today benetton consists of 7000 employees, 4800 shops and a desire for this multitalented man to create a cross-functional brand, with a line for women, men and children and soon a home collection… jean-charles de castelbajac is in his element today, happily riding a rainbow wave.interview with jean-charles de castelbajac:i was introduced as an artistic director, but the brand has never had one of them before so they didn’t know what it was. my strength was knowing the language of knitting. the great thing that i discovered was that i had the characteristics of a leader which hadn’t been revealed before and that being the artistic director of benetton also involves people management because it was bringing departments together.these collections that i designed are conceptual and very easy to work with. i resurrected the colours, bringing back the primary colours which are actually the same as my range. i brought back the topstitching, the irony of things, i brought the cartoons that luciano had forbidden. there were two things that were forbidden: one was talking about the benetton logo and the other was cartoons. for me that was a shame because it’s the two things that i wanted to put forward when rejuvenating the brand.we live in a tough time, everything is desirable on instagram and on the internet but then when it comes to buying them, we realise that the price is very high. i think it is cool to make “mickey” prints like these for 80 euros so that’s where benetton’s comes in.actually, i was always lacking in design. i always had this gift of being very creative, even too creative, and in fact i managed to be disciplined and structural which is very exciting because it’s an economic, social and human challenge. if we succeed, and i think we will, i would like to be an economic example. my dream is to be in the wall street journal and for someone to say, “it’s incredible how a brand like benetton has become number one worldwide, with clothes for everyone”.